DioNiSio, DNS Scanner
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DioNiSio description

DioNiSio is a DNS scanner written in ANSI C without any dependencies on other libraries than system sockets library or libc. It implements three types of scan methods (dictionary, massive reverse lookup and recursive zone transfers) and can detect DNS misconfigurations or anomalities. Its main targets are portability, rational resources usage, and easy use.

DioNiSio also can manage a big pool of recursive DNS servers making possible distributed DNS scans that hide the identity of the auditor.

The three scan types:

I wrote it because there are so few tools for DNS auditing and analyzing. It is not complete because I want to write more scan types and more functionalities (DNS question forging, DNS fingerprinting, optimizations, ...) but I have not very much time and the development is slow.


DioNiSio currently have been tested on

Probably it will run smoothly on any more modern version of these operating systems, but I haven't tested them yet.

Compilation and installation is built on Autoconf/Automake so not only is easy to port to new platforms, but also it is easy to build and to do strange things like cross-compilings.

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